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Construction Management allows the owner to hire an architect and construction manager at the same time with no competitive bidding by contractors. The owner, architect, and the CM are a team who works together to design the project, and once the project is designed, the CM is the actual contractor for the project.


SDG will assist in the management of all tasks involved in this process for end-to-end with the architect/engineer/contractor, from preconstruction to project closeout. Our experience allows us to provide a comprehensive process, which allows our clients to receive the highest level of services to meet the project needs.


SDG provided CM benefits to our clients:

  • Serve as an experienced Owner’s Representative to protect the client’s project’s best interests.

  • Reduce overall project costs.

  • Centralize communication.

  • Selection of best qualified and appropriate project team.

  • Enhance quality control to reduce the potential for defects.

  • Optimize and accelerate the design and construction schedule.

  • Provide cost-effective document controls.

  • Protect the Owner from unnecessary liability.

Const Mgmt


The design-build delivery system has an advantage for owners that wish to use one firm for a complete project. SDG will provide the design and take on the general contractor's duties. The design team will work with the owner to develop the appropriate design. SDG will be responsible to complete the project. This system can be attractive to owners because it can lead to early start time as construction could start before the design is complete. One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion.


Considerations when using the Design-Build delivery method:

  • Oversee the architectural and engineering aspects in the design phase.

  • Single point of contact through the construction process and responsible for all work on the project from conception to completion.

  • Collaborates with the owner to determine the construction team based on the most qualified proposal and best value.

  • Management of the construction team, keeping the project owner informed throughout all phases of construction.



Proper planning, in the beginning, contributes to a successful project. SDG’s project controls team provides quality services to help monitor work and determine if the project is trending successfully as planned. Our tailored services ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. Through the use of modern technology, means and methods, owners and project teams are well informed of the status of the project.


We provide technical management services through scheduling, coordination of construction activities for all trades, design development, preparation and control of project budget and schedule, negotiating subcontracts, review of schedules, cost projections, contracts and project status reports. 

We act as our clients representative, providing them the link between their architect, contractors, and subcontractors.


SDG’s comprehensive Cost and Schedule services:

  • 4D Scheduling

  • Developing a Comprehensive Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedules

  • Monthly Updates

  • Resource / Cost Loading

  • Projection Cash-Flow Management

  • Earned Value Analysis

  • Risk and Delay Analysis

  • Manager's Reports Generation

  • Time Impact Analysis

  • Schedule Graphics for Owner Presentations

  • Recovery Schedule

  • Claims Assessment

  • Cumulative Project Progress Analysis

  • Preparation and Control of project budget and schedule

  • Review of schedule

  • Cost projections

  • Contracts and project status report

Project Controls
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